2020 Sponsors & Exhibitors


Carmel Instruments
Carmel Instruments, LLC is a leading manufacturer of precision time and frequency measurement instruments for research and automated test applications. Carmel’s products are in use worldwide by major research laboratories such as NIST and Jet Propulsion Lab.  In the laser industry, key applications are high performance laser frequency stability, time-of-flight, and photon counting and timing with 2 ps resolution.  For more information, visit www.carmelinst.com

Crosslight Software Inc.
Crosslight Software Inc. is an industry leader in TCAD (Technology Computer Aided Design) simulation tools headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. For more than twenty years, Crosslight has been dedicated to providing state-of-the-art TCAD simulation tools for semiconductor devices and processes.  Crosslight software was the first commercial software for the comprehensive simulation of laser diodes. For more information, visit www.crosslight.com

Freedom Photonics
Description to follow

Information Gatekeepers, Inc.
Information Gatekeepers, Inc. is a publisher, trade show organizer, consultancy and information service provider in the fields of fiber optics, high-speed Internet, wireless, and emerging telecom markets. For more information, visit www.igigroup.com

Nonlinear Control Strategies Inc. (Bronze Sponsor)
Nonlinear Control Strategies provides specialized consulting services and software solutions to the semiconductor laser and photonics communities. Their SimuLaseTM software offers a predictive, fit-parameter-free microscopic epitaxy design approach that provides the capability to fast track to an optimized end semiconductor laser or amplifier structure, thereby eliminating wasteful wafer growth, packaging and testing with the potential to save millions of dollars.  For more information, visit www.nlcstr.com